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the ZC420

The Zero Com­pro­mise Optic ZC420 com­bines ex­cel­lent op­ti­cal per­for­mance with un­matched me­chan­i­cal pre­ci­sion in the best ul­tra-short de­sign ever de­vel­oped.
It combines the highest levels of mechanical precision, unmatched optical performance, and extreme durability in a com­pact pack­age that can com­pete with much larger ri­fle­scopes. This small ri­fle­scope with a length of 325mm (12.8 inches) and a weight of only 986g (34.8oz) is ideal for any ap­pli­ca­tion where size and max­i­mum per­for­mance are para­mount.

The low mag­ni­fi­ca­tion pro­vides a wide field of view for rapid target acquisition while the mechanical system allows for 35 mils of elevation adjustment for the extreme long range engagements when required. Never be­fore has so much per­for­mance been com­bined in such an el­e­gant and com­pact ri­fle­scope.

Un­sur­passed op­ti­cal per­for­mance

Our op­ti­cal en­gi­neers have set the next stan­dard for clar­ity, light trans­mis­sion and res­o­lu­tion in a com­pact pack­age. Never be­fore has such per­for­mance been seen in this mag­ni­fi­ca­tion range and lens size. Total light transmission is 92% while maintaining excellent color fidelity matched with best in class resolution for the ultimate viewing experience. The very best in optical performance results in heightened viewing comfort for all day use so you can enjoy being behind your scope for extended shooting sessions.

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the ZC527

The Zero Com­pro­mise Optic ZC527 is 387mm (15.24 inches) long, weighs only 1075g (37.9oz) and reaches 35 mil in el­e­va­tion ad­just­ment and 21 mil in windage ad­just­ment.
It is in a class of its own!
Of all other op­tics in this mag­ni­fi­ca­tion range, a very gen­er­ous field of view of 7m / 100 me­ters (21ft/100Yds) re­sults in one of the widest in the in­dus­try. Out­stand­ing light trans­mis­sion and ex­cep­tional res­o­lu­tion are just two at­trib­utes of the best op­ti­cal de­sign ever de­vel­oped, per­fectly com­ple­ment­ing the very best me­chan­i­cal prop­er­ties in the in­dus­try.

Our goal is not to build ri­fle­scopes. We strive to build the ab­solute best ri­fle­scopes in the world! We don't com­pro­mise on qual­ity, we sim­ply use the best ma­te­ri­als and tech­niques to cre­ate the scope you have al­ways dreamed of.

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Uncompromised Performance! The finest optical and mechanical designs seamlessly merged into one comprehensive package. – Made and designed in Austria and the United States.