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News at ZCO Zero Compromise Optic from Margarethen am Moos in Österreich


News at ZCO Zero Compromise Optic from Margarethen am Moos in Österreich


Benjamin Gineste won the "king of 1 mile" (1.609m) with ZCO ZC527 scope!

"The weather conditions were very difficult and this ZCO scope was a hell of a bonus"

September 2020

Kahles Cup long range competition at Sofia,BG,

Ivelin Dobrev with ZC527 won 3-rd place and Ivan Terziev won 1th place with ZC527.

September 2020

Jim Fischer- snipershide tested ZCO ZC420 scope

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September 2020

“successful mountain-hunt with ZC420 scope”

Robert Art­wohl, CEO of Zero Com­pro­mise Optic with a pre­ci­sion hunt­ing rifle from Kurt Pritz

Robert Artwohl

September 2020

“Bulgarian Hunter magazine make test of ZC527 scope“


August 2020

ZCO "Shooting day"

On 1 August 2020 the "ZCO shooting day" was organised to test ZCO products in practice up to 1500m. A precision competition was also organised at 500m.

juli 2020

July 2020 -Sports shooter buys ZCO ZC420 and compares it with S&B Ultra Short, Kahles318 and Minox ZP5

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june 2020

“Peter Markov won „Vortex Sniper Cup 2020“

june 2020

“Successful seat hunting with the ZC420 rifle scope”


may 2020

ZCO-Scope- Austrian Hightech

Visier Ausgabe 5/2020 Visier Ausgabe 5_2020

april 2020

"The Everyday Sniper Episode 244: Jeff Huber Zero Compromise Optics Interview”


april 2020

ZCO- rifle scopes " Goal-oriented: ZCO ZC527 for long range shooting“

DWJ Ausgabe 05-2020 DWJ Ausgabe 05-2020

april 2020

Feedback from a customer: "Thank you ZCO - a great riflescope! (ZC527)"


april 2020

"Action" tested ZCO 527 & ZC420 -" ... exceptional picture quality"

Artikel ZCO ACTION März April 2020

March 2020

"Action" tested ZCO ZC527 on Haenel RS8 - highest precision

Artikel HAENEL ZCO ACTION März April2020

March 2020

"Only ZC420 when I go hunting!"

Since about 6 months I have the ZC420 from Ze­ro­Com­pro­mise Optic in hunt­ing use!
The biggest dif­fer­ence to rifle scopes of other pre­mium man­u­fac­tur­ers, is the out­stand­ing qual­ity of the op­tics!
At any dis­tance, the image can be ad­justed pin sharp on the par­al­lax wheel. Es­pe­cially in the de­ci­sive times of ad­vanced twi­light or when sit­ting at night, the ZC420 im­presses with a very high light trans­mis­sion and ex­cel­lent con­trast, with a 50mm lens di­am­e­ter, com­pared to the com­pe­ti­tion with 56mm!
Even the fine dim­ming of the il­lu­mi­nated ret­i­cle is a great ad­van­tage, as the glare can be ad­justed to the pre­vail­ing light con­di­tions and re­duced to the min­i­mum.
Here I was able to gain valu­able min­utes in the twi­light and a sig­nif­i­cant im­prove­ment in vis­i­bil­ity at night by switch­ing to the ZC420.
My con­clu­sion: since I have been using the ZC420, I no longer use any of my other sights for raised hide hunt­ing!

German hunter and sport shooter.

ZCO Zero Compromise Optic

february 2020

"Highest optical quality from Austria"

Waffenmarkt intern 02/2020

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february 2020

"Wow this is amazing..."

TFB-Thefirearmblog.com Review ZC527

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December 2019

"Optical Innovation of the Year" award

Precision Shooting Podcast has awarded ZCO the "Optical Innovation of the Year" award

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November 2019

"First place Steel Match Win­ner"

Win­ner Steel Match - Nor­Cal Prac­ti­cal

ZCO Zero Compromise Optic

October 2019

"Best Scope ever…"

Gunsamerica tested ZCO 527

ZCO Zero Compromise Optic ZCO Zero Compromise Optic More Information

October 2019

"Pritz“ Gunsmith from Austria tested ZCO Products

ZCO is the perfect Optic for my "PR – Precision Bolt Rifle“

ZCO Zero Compromise Optic

October 2019

"2nd place at long range shoot­ing -Bul­garia with ZC527"

Long range competition

ZCO Zero Compromise Optic ZCO Zero Compromise Optic

September 2019

"Adam Cloaninger wins SHC"

Snipers Hide Cup 2019

ZCO Zero Compromise Optic

september 2019

Test report of ZCO at "Caliber Magazin“

ZCO a new star on the sky – Made in Austria

Testbericht Caliber More Information

July 2019

"Best ultra short Scope - ZC420"

Ultra Short scope Test

More Information

July 2019

"Fourth place team at the 2019 Snipers Hide Cup Competition were both using ZCO ZC527 scopes."

Snipers Hice Cup Competition

ZCO Zero Compromise Optic

JunE 2019

"Best long range hunt­ing scope“

Hunting in New Zealand

ZCO Zero Compromise Optic


"ZC420 beat NF Beast"

Precision Rifle Network tested ZC420

Zum Video ZCO Video

April 2019

"ZC420 - best optic on the mar­ket!?"

Test of ZC420

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April 2019

"STL Cup in Germany"

ZCO provides two ZC527 for STL Cup

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March 2019

"ZCO presented Products on IWA 2019,

and startet sales in Eu­rope"

ZCO Zero Compromise Optic

February 2019

"Test of ZC527 from Adam Cloaninger , PRS Shooter USA"

Test of ZC527

ZCO Zero Compromise Optic Video

January 2019

"Frank Galli, owner of Snipershide"

Zero Compromise Optic is a game changer!


January 2019

"ZCO started shipping"

ZCO Zero Compromise Optic

January 2018

"Best Product of Shot Show"

Nr.1 of Show Show 2018…ZCO

Frank Galli Shot Show Podcast

January 2018

"Shot show 2018"

Präsentation ZCO Produkte

Shot Show

Begeisterung für unsere Zielfernrohre

Sniper's Hide Statistik More Information